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Best Tips to Reduce Waste at Home

Every year, an average Australian produces 540kg of household waste. That is more than 10 kg for every single person, every week. In 2017, around 67 million tonnes of waste was generated-just 37 per cent was recycled and 21.7 per cent of waste disposed of in landfill.

According to some reports, more than 130,000 tons of plastic in Australia ends up in oceans and waterways each year. Protecting the environment should be a top priority of every individual. It is good to start reducing household waste on a daily basis.

Today, we’ve got some best tips that will help you minimise waste at home in Adelaide.

1. Avoid Plastic and Paper Bags

It is always good to use reusable bags whenever you go out instead of buying plastic bags. Bring your own bags in a grocery store, malls, library and other shops. You can also make a use of reusable produce bags to buy loose food items like vegetables.

Keep these bags along with you in your car so that you never forget whenever you go for a shopping. This will reduce the wastage of plastic and paper bags.

2. Do not Waste Food

Food is one of the most common municipal solid wastes dumped into the landfill. It is important for you to reduce food waste as much as possible. Planning is one of the best ways if you want to understand the value of food. Make a list of items you need before buying them.

Take inventory of your fridge, consume your leftovers and finish cooked food as soon as possible. You can even feed food scrapes to the animals.

3. Re-usable Rags and Cleaning Cloths

Instead of paper napkins, towels and tissues to wipe off surfaces, you can use reusable rags and cleaning cloths. They are environmentally-friendly and work amazing when it comes to fetching dust particles and grime from surfaces. After every use, you can wash in hot water and dry in the sunlight.

4. Say no to Straws

Make a habit of drinking beverages without a straw. When you order a drink, say no for a straw. If you want it, then opt for a reusable straw. This can reduce  the amount of plastic waste.

5. Plastic Water Bottles

Always carry a reusable water bottle instead of plastic ones. This will prevent the environment and our ecosystem. You can invest in steel bottles as they can run for years.

6. Do not Use Paper Cups

Paper cups and glasses only add up waste to the landfill. They are super convenient and light, but can cause harm to the environment because they can’t be recycled. So, reduce the paper cup consumption by using reusable mugs and cups.


Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce household waste. A little planning and preparation can help you manage environmental waste in the best possible way. With the help of these tips, you can reduce the amount of waste in your home.


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