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From managing waste to organic recycling, our environmental waste services include everything for the protection of our ecosystem.

Converting Waste to Energy!

We have been using Energy from Waste (EfW) technologies to build a better future.

Environmental Waste has been using Energy from Waste technologies to manage all types of waste in South Australia, supporting the government’s objective to become a circular economy in the next coming years. The whole process is about transforming chemical, general and other type of waste into practical forms of resources or energy, such as electricity, steam or heat.

There are primarily three thermal processes, including combustion, gasification and pyrolysis. Combustion basically burns the waste and converts it into steam and then electricity. Gasification utilises steam or oxygen reactions that converts waste into a gaseous mixture, which can used to produce products like diesel fuel or ethanol. Pyrolysis is the process of heating organic material. It can produce biochar, bio-gass and bio-oil.

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Taking Care of nature is our topmost priority. We focus on minimising the amount of chemical waste by converting it into energy.

Creating A Sustainable Future forour Next Generation!

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    We, at Environmental Waste, take pride in collecting and recycling waste from:

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    Our main objective is to collect waste and convert it into a resource, such as electricity, steam, heat, bio-oil, and much. We look after the needs of two- you and the environment. Helping clients and customers to meet their corporative, commercial and legislative responsibility is what we aim for.

    Our company focuses on preserving non-renewable resources and keeping our environment safe for the next generation. We have proven waste management processes and techniques to convert non-recyclable waste into different types of energy. Nothing is impossible for our in-house team members because they are experienced, credible and passionate about their work. We manage waste responsibly and sustainably for residential communities, commercial companies, tech parks and other organisations. With the objective to save the environment, we have incorporated e-waste management services to sustainably dispose of electronic waste. For more details, contact us or reach us via call or email. We can come and collect the waste from your doorstep as well.

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