About Us

A renowned name in South Australia’s environmental waste management industry!

Who We Are

As a leading company, our dedicated and friendly approach can go above and beyond your expectations. We, at Environmental Waste, have comprehensively trained our staff who can collect, transform and process waste into a resource or useful energy. From households to commercials, we serve the specific needs of our clients in and around Adelaide. Protecting the environment is our topmost priority. Our company offers a range of waste management services, including organic recycling, municipal services, business waste management, green energy, waste processing and much more. We have been assisting businesses, residential owners and individuals by introducing new ways to collect waste and recycle them to create a sustainable future.

What We Do

We have a proven methodology and techniques to reduce the amount of commercial, general, household and liquid waste that end up in landfill by converting it into any form of resource. Our professionals collect waste from local authorities, commercial properties, households and other places. After that, we process it to ensure we completely realise its potential as energy.

We manage each stage of the process with utmost care, especially for Business and IT sector. We collect confidential commercial waste via to its secure destruction and process it to shredding and recycling. Our main goal is to minimise the environmental waste by converting them into valuable resources.

Our Holistic Approach

Taking care of you and the environment is what makes us different from others. We have revolutionised our strategies, waste management processes, recycling plans and other aspects to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have a great municipal team focuses on promoting the right usage of resources and how individuals can manage waste. Our in-house team have developed a robust strategy to collect and dispose of hazardous or chemical waste in a safe, secure and efficient manner. We focus on:

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become one of the best service providers for managing environmental waste. From waste collection to recycling hazardous waste, we do everything to protect the environment and give you a better place to live.

Our mission is to create a sustainable future for our future generation. We focus on saving the earth and conserving energy as much as possible. Building a strong reputation for providing green and sustainable services to help clients meet their corporate, commercial and legislative duty.

Our Team

Harvey Thompson

He has been working as a senior waste management officer for a decade.

Austin Marti

He has experience of organising and managing waste disposal, collection and recycling processes.

Patrick Taylor

From collecting waste to organic recycling, he manages everything in a safe and secure manner.

Samuel Brown

If you have any query related to our services, contact him. He believes in meeting specific needs of customers.

We are one stop shop to meet the customised requirements of

Commercial, Industrial, IT and household customers inAdelaide, South Australia.

Let us Increase the Value of Resources!

Our infrastructure continues to boom, allowing us to extract the optimum value from our waste with a robust development plan. He process includes the development of new and extending the potential at some of the exiting energy from waste. We have got expertise in delivering the best waste management solutions at the most reasonable price.

Our Patrons