Environmental Impacts of Solid Waste Management

There is no denying that solid waste is dangerous as these are leaving carbon deposits in the environment. Negative environmental impact due to poor solid waste dumping is causing harm to our ecosystem. Many countries don’t have a proper plan and financial resources for solid waste management.

The Australian government has been working on improving the waste management and recycling strategies. Unfortunately, only some percentage of the country’s waste is converted into energy. However, the federal, state and territory governments are developing a framework to reduce waste. The new policies and the Action plan focus on the following aspects:

  • Ban on the export of waste plastic, glass, tyres and paper
  • Around 80 % median recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030.
  • Stopping the amount of organic waste sent to landfill by 2030
  • Increasing the usability of recycled products

The lack of proper waste management practices lead to traffic congestion, health hazards, and blockage of drainages. Good and well-developed strategies can improve the environment’s condition and reduce pollution.

Solid Waste Disposal on Environment  

One of the major reasons behind local environmental pollution is waste’s decomposition into constituent chemicals. Some renowned landfills and waste management companies in Adelaide strictly follow environmental standards.

On the other hand, other existing landfills do not care about the environment, and waste disposal releases poisonous gasses like methane. The bacteria lurking in landfills with high amounts of humidity can also affect the environment.

Enhanced climate change and the greenhouse effect are common issues related to these gases. It is also important for everyone to reduce waste at home. Follow proper practices.

Preventive tips to reduce the adverse impact on the Environment and Human

A landfill and waste management agencies must focus on adopting strategies that won’t affect the environment and not lead to health problems for the people living in Adelaide. Responsible industries and the government must undertake a proper solid waste management strategy. Solid waste segregation must be conducted at the domestic and industrial levels. All the organic waste must be kept separately for composting.

This is one of the best methods for waste disposal. The organic waste can easily be composted and then utilised as a fertiliser. Here are some of the important steps to consider to reduce environmental impact:

1. Reduce Waste generation

Believe it or not! Many decisions we make significantly impact our health and the environment. It is good to reduce waste generation by using reusable bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles.

Also, use reusable grocery bags whenever you go out for shopping. You can carry a jute bag or a cloth bag. It is also good to reduce the amount of waste by purchasing items with less packaging.

2.  More production of Environmentally-Friendly Products

Everyone needs to make the right choices when it comes to using beauty, cleaning and skincare products. Opting for environmentally-friendly products that produce less waste after use is always good. The federal and state government in Australia are working towards it and encouraging industries to produce more products that reduce waste generated after usage.

3.  Increase Material Recycling

It is the process of transforming waste materials into new and reusable goods and services. The recovery of energy from waste materials can help our environment to reduce carbon footprints more effectively. You can explore the list of things that can be recycled easily. You can find more products and protect the environment.

4. Promoting plastic recycling Usage

While it is quite difficult to reuse all the plastic produced, you can still start from one point. Plastic recycling rates have shown great signs in countries like Australia, and governments have encouraged people to use recycled plastic materials as much as possible. They have been supporting industries to increase the usage of reusable plastics for packaging.

5. Less use of Hazardous Chemicals

It is important for waste management companies to use less harmful chemicals to dispose of solid waste. This can lead to health hazards.


Reducing adverse environmental impacts of solid waste management is possible when everyone strictly follows the correct methods and creates proper waste disposal strategies in Adelaide. You can also visit environment waste to know more about environmental waste management services in Adelaide.

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