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List of Things that Can Be Recycled Easily

Reducing plastic and other household waste can reduce the burden on our environment. Instead of dumping plastic items in the landfill, you can recycle most of the items and convert it into something useful.

Recycling can conserve resources, protects our ecosystem, saves energy and minimises the amount of trash in our landfill. However, due to lack of knowledge , we often fail to make the most out of recycling systems.

Today, we are sharing a complete list of items that can be recycled easily.

1. Batteries

Gone are the days when people throw away used batteries in the landfill. But, nowadays, you can easily recycle these batteries. Many retailing companies in Adelaide can accept reusable batteries. So, you can look for local retail store and ask them whether they can accept used batteries or not.

2. Cardboard Boxes

Sending one tone of cardboard boxes to the local recycling centre can save more than 9 cubic yards of landfill space. It can also reduce the waste and save the energy from preparing new cardboards.

3. Mattresses

Believe it or not! Over 40,000 mattresses end up in landfills each day in Australia. Luckily, used mattresses can be recycled easily. You can find help from a local recycling centre in Adelaide. Recycled mattresses can be used to make fibre for wood chips, foam products and clothing.

4. Plastic Bottles

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)  plastic is commonly used for soda, water and juice bottles. According to the stats, more than 2 million plastic bottles are dumped every hour. So, it is better to recycle them as much as possible. This way you can reduce the environmental impact and live a sustainable life.

5. Shampoo Bottles

Thicker plastic bottles that are used for shampoo, conditioner, detergent and other items can also be recycled easily. These bottles first rinsed clean properly and their plastic tops removed before recycling them.

6. Aluminium Cans

They can be hazardous for the environment. So, make sure you recycle aluminium cans as it can save energy from producing new ones. It can also reduce the urgency for mining new aluminium, which in turn preserves our planet.

7. Glass Containers

Glass containers used in beverage and food packaging that can easily be recycled. Instead of throwing them, you can send them to a recycle centre. They can be substituted for 95 per cent of raw materials when new glass-based products are being produced. This can be an environmentally-friendly practice if you do it properly.

8. Steel Cans

Steel or tin cans are one of the common household wastes that can take up a lot of space in landfills. These cans are used for packing fruits, soups, vegetables and other items. They can easily be recycled. Make sure you rinse them before sending to the recycling process.


These are eight most common items that should be recycled if you want to protect the environment and live a healthy life. You can also call a local environmental waste management services company who can collect and recycle necessary items without a hint of stress.

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